Sugar is a new template engine for PHP, similar in spirit to Smarty.

A powerful and flexible compilation engine which allows for powerful expressions similar to that of PHP itself. It also features a clean and easy to understand syntax, which was created with the average designer in mind.

Security is a strength of Sugar. For example, output is HTML-escaped by default, instead of requiring explicit escaping like PHP itself, which makes it far less likely to accidentally introduce an HTML or JavaScript code injection vulnerability from user-submitted content.

Sites using Sugar include:

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Version 0.83
Another release of Sugar is out, check here! This version is the beginning of our final stretch towards 1.0. Aside from a few corner cases that need refinement, the Sugar syntax is now final and will not be changing in future releases. The API is also nearly complete and final.
A new module Maryland SEO, is available in the Sugar PEAR repository.
PEAR Channel Available
A PEAR channel for Sugar is now available at .
Version 0.82
A new release of Sugar is out! This version sports several critical new features, including layout templates and function escaping control.
Version 0.81
Released the latest version of Sugar. There are several noteworthy feature additions, including modifiers and method ACL support. Check out the NEWS and README files for more information on this release.